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The Story of Nozzles

Hello everyone! I'm Nozzles and I'm 7 2/3's years old. I live in Hoboville, Fantasia, however I can be found at Manchester Fire Department in Manchester, Georgia quite often. I was born on July 19 under the sign of "seafood" in a distant land. My Mommy and Daddy are clowns too, they work for "Circusland". My Daddy is bald with a big nose and my Mommy has RED hair and a tiny little nose. I have two sisters that live in Partytown and they like to have alot of fun at parties! They have yellow hair and big silly smiles! My pet skunk STINKY and I love to entertain and educate children about Fire Safety and Prevention. I can do magic, and I love to tie balloons into all sorts of shapes. My friend "Higbee" taught me alot about that. I also love to paint pretty and funny pictures on childrens faces. It's lots of fun! I want to be the best clown I can be so I practice alot and learn as much as I can from all my friends in the Georgia Firefighters Clown Society and "Circusland Academy" in Fantasia. Well, So long for now, I wish everyone a wonderful and safe day!

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